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Make Your Gaming Even More Successful – A Little Background

Bonanza PressTickets

Window tickets are also called pull tabs, break opens, instant bingo, bowl games – lots of stuff. To play, you open the windows on the back of the ticket and match the symbols inside the ticket to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket face or the flare. Winning tickets earn a monetary prize. Tickets are popular with players because they are:

  • Easy to play
  • Entertaining and fun
  • Give more bang for the buck
  • Have lots of winners

Variety is the spice of gaming – offer games for every player!

  • Attract new players and low spenders with 25¢ & 50¢ games
  • Lower price tickets mean longer play, more fun and more profit
  • Big spenders – are looking for higher stakes – give them what they want with $1 games

Payouts, Accurate Pay and Counterfeit Detection

To insure accurate payouts, Bonanza has incorporated a number of security features to all of its games, including:

Payout Information
Every form number in the Bonanza Pull-Tabs, Inc. line comes complete with a definite number of tickets. Ideal payout and profit are shown on the enclosed Flare, Seal Card or payout slip. In some games, the payout is defined by the organization selling the game.

Accurate Pay

Almost all games include the Accurate Pay Box on winning tickets. This yellow box appears on the ticket and reflects the winning dollar amount or indicates the ticket as a “Hold” or “Play Ticket.”This system identifies valid winning tickets in the top three payout tiers. A random 4-6 digit number appears inside the window of a winning ticket, adjacent to the winning symbols. Winners are then identified by matching this number with the appropriate number printed on the Accurate Pay ticket – so the serial numbers matches the serial number on the flare.

Counterfeit Detection

This system identifies a valid winning ticket using an additional six digit number (CD number) printed on the inside of the window. This number can be matched to the number printed on the CD Card provided with the game. The form number, serial number and CD number on the ticket should all match the numbers on the CD card. Our manufacturing process prevents any potential forgery.

Bonanza Pull-Tabs, Inc. tickets are manufactured to the highest quality and security standards. A barcode is printed on each sheet of tickets during the manufacturing process. That barcode is then used to confirm that each form number is produced with the correct number of winning, non-winning and play tickets. The serial number on a deal of tickets in combination with the form number provides for a unique number that does not repeat. This eliminates errors and assures Bonanza Pull-Tabs, Inc. tickets also have built in security.

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